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Guided Tours of Cesky Krumlov - the best discovery !

MagicKrumlov means the very original and authentic guided tours with charismatic local tour guide Stanislav Jungwirth.

The town of Český Krumlov was built out of hard stone, but it awakes imagination and inspirits the dreams. The key to the town’s secrets are the stories, the real stories and  mysterious tales as well. Through the stories you will learn how the “curved meadow” became the world heritage site, how the master builders named Maggi tell the story of the “towerest” of the towers through their architecture. You will hear also about the roses everywhere, the bells, the apples, or the vampire princess Eleonora.

We will take a look at the historic moments as well as contemporary events with humour and perspective. I hope the guided tours of Cesky Krumlov will not only educate you, but also entertain and please your souls and last but not least inspire you to think about the past and the present. Listen to the stories of Cesky Krumlov and let them guide you through the labyrinth of medieval alleys from the downtown centre all the way to Castle gardens.

Welcome to Cesky Krumlov, the town of stories and wonders !  

Guided tours Cesky Krumlov with Stanislav Jungwirth
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History through the

Your tour guide of Cesky Krumlov

Průvodce Stanislav Jungwirt

My name is Standa Jungwirth and I have been guiding in Cesky Krumlov for 23 years. All the tours I guide myself, and I personally guarantee the highest quality and guest satisfaction.

I guide tours for individuals and small groups as well as organized groups like tour operators, travel agencies and other bigger groups. The guided tours are provided in Czech, English or German language. Besides basic city tours, I offer also costume tours, theme tours or evening tours.

I believe the guided tour of Cesky Krumlov will become truly enchanting experience !

Guided tours for individuals

Suitable for solo travellers, couples, families and small groups.

Guided tours have two versions:

“Open Tour” of the town, shared with other visitors for decent price  350,- CZK per person.

“Private Tour”  is exclusive tour for you only. Pick a time and meeting point and enjoy the tour which will be fitted exactly to your liking.

The guided tours can be reserved on-line, the payment is possible in cash on the spot. Dates available you will find in Reservation form. 

Private tour can be also ordered in form of a gift voucher.

Logo: hlava s věží
© Jindra Čapek

I owe Krumlov for many friendships and meeting with exceptional people. Jindra Capek, European-know artist and author of my logo, is one of them indeed.

Private Tour

Ulice Latrán s výhledem na zámeckou věž

It´s you, the town and your tour guide ! 

Exclusive guided tour tailored to fit your needs.

Discover the best of local architecture and history. Visit the old town, lower castle, castle courtyards or the monastery gardens. You will see the St. Vitus Church, castle complex panorama or romantic Barber´s Bridge. 


from 8:00


90 min


1500 CZK
groups over 6 +100 CZK per person

You can choose the starting point.

Rosenberg´s empire – Schwarzenberg Duchy – Sudetenland and Third Reich – Czechoslovakia – Iron Curtain and it’s fall – Soukenicka street lives

Open Tour

Výhled na město Český Krumlov

The best start to Cesky Krumlov !

Regular city tours in a small group of visitors.

This introduction walk will take you through great view points and through the downtown all the way up to castle.

You will hear the most interesting stories of Krumlov in a nutshell.




90 mins



Starting point – viewpoint by Hotel Ruze, map.

The secret of the roses – Bastard and barber lady – Duke’s hunt – Secret autopsy – Bells and cannons – Adolf in Sudetenland – Czechoslovakia, again !

Theme guided tours

Theme tours for individuals and small groups are focused on various topics.

If you are interested in any of the special tours, please contact me.

Guided tours for bigger groups

For groups such as tour operators, travel agencies, business, schools, and institutions, I offer tours designed for a bigger audience.

Besides classic introduction tours, you can choose  from a selection of packets and combine the city tour with the visit of the castle or sail on the river raft through the town centre.

Prohlídka města: Zámecké schody na Latránu

Old Town Guided Tour

The old town tour and castle courtyards.

Stan, the guide of Cesky Krumlov in historical outfit

Costume Guided Tours

The guide in historical costume, day or night version.

Prohlídka města -Pohled na město Český Krumlov a zámeckou věž

Old Town & Castle

The best of Krumlov in one tour.

Prohlídka města: Výhed na zámeckou věž přes mlýnský náhon

Over the land and water

City tour and river sail.

I will be happy to give you more details, feel free to  contact me.

Frequently asked questions

The easiest is to use the on-line reservation form. Or you can book by email or phone.

The tours can be paid in cash right before the start.

OpenTours start at the viewpoint by Hotel Ruze. See the map. Private and group tours start at different places, based on your request.

For families with children I’d recommend booking the Private tour or Dragon Tour. The tours in general are designed for adults and children could be little bored.

Yes, I am available all year long, every day. The easiest is to find out available dates in the reservation form.

Tales of Cesky Krumlov

Small stories from Cesky Krumlov, the little appetizer of what you can learn during the city tours.

Castle bridge of Cesky Krumlov

Easter and spring in Cesky Krumlov

What a time to be in Cesky Krumlov! Landscape gets various shades of green color. Castle gardens and chateau interiors open on the 1rst of April. The famous Golden Carriage […]Číst dále ...
Beer in Cesky Krumlov

Roll out the barrels

Once upon a time, in Český Krumlov lived a very paranoid innkeeper. He worked directly on the town square in his pub called At the Sun. He has repeatedly accused […]Číst dále ...

Krumlov witches

Czech fairy tales like witches. Woodcarvers, puppet manufactures and toy producers as well. Witch on a besom-a typical image. One example of it painted on a house you can see […]Číst dále ...

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