Easter and spring in Cesky Krumlov

Castle bridge of Cesky Krumlov

What a time to be in Cesky Krumlov! Landscape gets various shades of green color. Castle gardens and chateau interiors open on the 1rst of April. The famous Golden Carriage has been dressed with silk cloth in original Baroque outlook now. Welcome back to old ages! Fresh air everywhere. Good chance to meet people in the oblique, tiny streets of the old town.

Easter time shows a mix of Christian and pagans´ habits: You will see decorated willow whisks used to get fertility and spring energy to women. (DEAR LADIES, SORRY for that old-fashioned cruel habit 🙂 and Welcome to Český Krumlov! – to a very romantic town underpinned with lots of real horror stories!).

Cross bones and buns or colorful eggs frame the feeling of ages passed by like the water in the river Vltava. (770 years ago, occurs for the first time a written record of a location which is known as Český Krumlov now!)

No ringing bells for a few Easter days! Why? They are in Rome – at least a legend has it. But in the year 1917 quite a few bells disappeared and never came back. It was the cruel and furious time of 1rst world war. Between 26th-30th of March, shortly before Easter, fourteen bells of our town were sent away to serve other purposes- as guns! Sure, there were many other local victims in the wartime and shortly after that (Spanish flu, starvation of handicapped soldiers.) During a private tour, I would have for you a story about Madonna of Český Krumlov. It illustrates the situation of the era very well.

Services in the St. Vitus Church or spring markets on the main square let you indulge into the magical atmosphere of Český Krumlov and give to you the feeling of harmony, hope and energy.

And what to do more in UNESCO world heritage town Český Krumlov? Let´s join my private sightseeing tour with storytelling, and I will provide you with more information and “Stories of Magical Town” on the spot!