“Secrets of the Roses”

Pětilistá růže na hstorické fresce

“The Wars of the Roses” between Yorks and Lancasters in England. French “Le Roman de la Rose”. ” The Name of the Rose”, written by Italian author Umberto Eco. Rosaries or rose-windows opening cosmological horizons. Spiritual symbols as well as coats-of-arms of famous lords. For example House of Vítek/Witiko in history of Southern Bohemia. Medieval era liked Roses!

Joining one of my city tours, you will meet roses everywhere. Hewn from stones, carved in the wood or painted on the facades of many buildings. In the tour I like to share with you a picture-story. It is known as “Division of the Roses” and tells about the legendary origins of the famous lords of Rosenberg.

You can as well choose a special city tour taking Roses as guidelines. It is available as a private tour or walking tour for organized groups. Local citizens experienced this sightseeing as the first of “21 Stories of Magic Krumlov” (24.5.2020-Sundays walks for Locals by a local guide). We have learned a lot in an interactive way. So order and go one of my tours! I look forward meeting you in the Magical Town, where Stones and Dreams changed to the Roses!