Enigmatic world of animals

Historická klika ve tvaru ryby

Many visitors of Český Krumlov see this town as a fairy tale land. There are many mysterious animals there and they support this feeling! Their favourite places are façades, handles, historical tiles or corner stones. Strolling the old town and castle area ( In the best way by one of my city tours), you would wonder a monkey, a pelican or a grey (or silver?)heron as well as a few lions, stags, cocks… And sure, to the story belongs a traditional Czech fish -very typical for the identity of our region, Southern Bohemia. No wonder, some dragons or unicorns are available as well!

What for purpose they all have here? Their function was not only aesthetic. In some cases, they could serve as an entrance code to some hermetic systems of knowledge about secrets of the world creation-as a gate to the invisible world of imagination. In the local context we usually speak about the gold makers known as alchemists. But for example ravens or eagles tell us interesting stories about the world of heraldry as well.

I have chosen the enigmatic local animals as the second of “21 Stories of Magic Krumlov”. With some local citizens we have made such an interactive tour on The Children Day ( Monday, 1.6.2020). Discovering many of the miraculous animals brought joy and fun especially for the children in the group. They have improved my know-how, discovering two for me new animals. Working as a local tour guide in Český Krumlov more than a quarter of a century I still learn a lot!

This everything inspired a new topical city tour for visitors of Český Krumlov! You will find it in my basic offer as “The Dragon Tour”. During this sightseeing I like to share with you a story about so-called “Dragon order”. And sure, we will not forget the famous bears of Český Krumlov! History is all about fictions and facts. What happens then? I think our bears have good answers to this question. And I like to translate it for you! Take it easy. Order on-line and go with me some of the tours in the “Stories of Magic Krumlov”!